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2021 New Holland 4760 Air Cart | Systems – General Overview

2021 New Holland 4760 Air Cart | Systems – General Overview

Former Product Support Specialist, Pieter Kruger, provides an in-depth walk-through of the 2021 New Holland P4760 air cart system; and shows producers how to easily calibrate.

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  • 0:00 Basic Systems & Sensors
  • 1:54 Filling Systems
  • 2:48 Air Distribution
  • 4:35 Auxiliary Tank
  • 4:55 B-Type Distribution & System Rollers
  • 5:36 Positive Tank Shut-Off & Run Selection
  • 6:38 Meter Calibration
  • 8:50 Single-Meter Calibration
  • 9:46 Outro/Conclusion

If you have any questions regarding this air cart, please leave a question in the comments below; or reach out to your nearest Robertson Implements and ask for Product Support.

Key Product Features

  • Patent pending IntelliRate™ Modular Metering System – IMMS – Simple, state of the art, unmatched Intellirate™ Sectional Control system
  • Standard equipped manual sectional control
  • Precision control of individual runs for enhanced accuracy and sectional control
  • Blend any tank with any run
  • One meter roller for all products and rates
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Expanded product rates
  • Increased air capacities
  • Separate fans for each air stream
  • Increased capacities up 950 bushel capacity
  • Larger tow between capacities – 580 bushel
  • Modern platform designed with over 50 patents filed for future enhancements

Product Metering Systems

  • IntelliRate Modular Metering System (IMMS)
  • Patented and exclusive Intellirate™ Modular Metering System – IMMS
  • Each primary run has an individual meter roller segment and module
  • Traditional meter rollers are split into a modular metering system
  • Raising the bar once again for unmatched product metering accuracy
  • Product metered in each primary run now matching the number of secondary EZ flow headers for increased accuracy
  • Product rate range has been expanded up to 15% compared to the P1000/ 50 Series air carts
  • One meter roller for all rates of all crops. Patent pending multi-segment meter roller
  • Blend any tank into any run – And of course, simple effective sectional control
  • Motors and metering modules went through extensive environmental and long term durability testing
  • Each module/run is contained in a dedicated meter module for that run and is directly driven by patented independent 24-volt electric-drive motors with integrated controls
  • Each tank features a bank of meter modules
  • Each bank contains modules which match up to the number of primary runs on the air pack
  • Modules/runs can be expanded or contracted to match drill
  • Positions for many future metering features

2021 New Holland P4760 Air Cart Brochure ➜ https://bit.ly/3dXACbW

Auxiliary Tank Fill System ➜ https://bit.ly/3kDrqur

Contact Your Nearest Location For Further Details | https://bit.ly/377kwrc​

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