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MacDon FD140 Header Walkthrough & FD2 FlexDraper Header Introduction

Kim Leland from MacDon Industries Ltd. takes customers at our Saskatoon location through the MacDon FD140 FlexDraper header, and introduces the brand-new 2021 MacDon FD2 FlexDraper header. Lots of new and exciting features for this header, so be sure to check out the video. Everything discussed in these videos should be applicable to MacDon FD70s, FD75, FD1, and the all-new FD2.

MacDon FD140 Header Walkthrough/Clinic

MacDon FD2 FlexDraper Header Introduction

2021 FD2 MacDon Header (link below)


MacDon’s legendary ground-following ability continues with the FD2. MacDon’s Active Float System gets coupled with up to 70%* more flex for a harvesting experience like never before. Flex-Float Technology® gets turned up with MacDon’s optional ContourMax™ Contour Wheels. These wheels allow the header to follow the field’s contours, leaving a consistent stubble height while cutting from 1 to 18 inches+ off the ground.



The FD2’s all-new frame features an ultra-deep deck with 50 inch deep drapers and is now available in 30 to 50 foot configurations. The FD2 delivers up to 20%* more capacity of smooth heads-first feeding in the tallest bushiest crops it can get its reel fingers on. No matter what type of combine you mount it to, the FeedMax™ Crop Feeding System optimizes performance. Along with active crop flow, patented reel movement, and new ShatterGuard reel positioning, the FD2 is ready for action+.



MacDon’s ClearCut™ High-Speed Cutting System delivers just that; clean cutting at up to 30% faster speeds*. Helping you get there is MacDon’s improved knife drive with more power and new knife section geometry with 25% more cutting surface. A smooth close shave comes from two unique ClearCut Knife Guards; choose between Pointed Knife Guards or PlugFree™ Knife Guards that resist plugging even in the nastiest conditions.


If you have any questions regarding product support or MacDon equipment; please contact, or visit, your nearest Robertson Implements location. We have 11 locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan to serve you.

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2021 New Holland CR9.90 ➡ https://bit.ly/37s6roA

2021 MacDon FD140 Combine Header ➡ https://bit.ly/3ivHaA8

2021 MacDon FD2 Combine Header ➡ https://bit.ly/3ywHtAn


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